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ide: Javadoc index of package ide.

Package Samples:



ConsoleView: This is the console for the interpretor. It contains a list acting like an output for the interpreter and an input field for commands (Alec wanted this.);
VeriSimPrefs: This is dialog which allows users to choose preferences and made me have a terrible pain in the ass for a long time
Preferences: A class to unify the preferences for all he past and future themes. It currently handles only the font type.
VeriSimDocumentFrame: Sample JInternalFrame using the simple text editor component that supports only one font. (for now)
VerilogTextUI: A simple UI whose sole purpose is to fetch the right View as a ViewFactory implemetation
DefaultColorProvider: Provides a color for each verilog token. TODO: to be replaced with a customizable class
BookmarksView: BookmarkView show the bookarks in the current project. . Verisim IDE 1.0
WaveViewFrame: This is the container frame for the WaveForm viewer and some buttons.
DirectoryChooser: This dialog allows users to choose a directory
ColorProvider: Provides a color for each verilog token
VerilogScanner: Provides a color for each verilog token
VerilogPlainView: The highligted view of a verilog piece
VerilogTextArea: Provides a key for UI mapping
vide: vide IDE launcher class

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