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Package jac.aspects.gui.reports

Provides a simple and generic GUI (Graphical User Interface) aspect.


Class Summary
JacDataSource A data source for JasperReports.

Package jac.aspects.gui.reports Description

Provides a simple and generic GUI (Graphical User Interface) aspect.

This aspect is based on a MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. The GUI aspect component wrapps all the objects of the application that need to be displayed with a view wrapper that plays the controller role. The view is generic and is implemented by the View class. It simply displays the objects fields values and add some buttons for the commands that correspond to the class methods.

It supports arrays, collections, and maps displaying.

The configuration file lets you specify how objects should be displayed. You can control which fields are shown and in which order for instance. You can also specify the name of methods parameters.

Two guis are available : a swing gui, based on Java's swing components, and a web gui which generates HTML pages. They both use the configuration of the gui aspect, which means that you do not have to write two configuration files, however due to constraint of each implementation, some gui may not use all settings of the gui aspect. For instance, the setRender configuration method only has an effect in the swing gui.

If you want to create a customized GUI for a given application, you must implement the jac.core.Display interface and use the setDisplay configuration method to launch it.

Configuration methods for the GUI aspect

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