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public class: BufferCapabilities [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ProxyCapabilities, DefaultBufferCapabilities

Capabilities and properties of buffers.
Nested Class Summary:
public static final class  BufferCapabilities.FlipContents  A type-safe enumeration of the possible back buffer contents after page-flipping 
 public BufferCapabilities(ImageCapabilities frontCaps,
    ImageCapabilities backCaps,
    FlipContents flipContents) 
    Creates a new object for specifying buffering capabilities
    frontCaps - the capabilities of the front buffer; cannot be null
    backCaps - the capabilities of the back and intermediate buffers; cannot be null
    flipContents - the contents of the back buffer after page-flipping, null if page flipping is not used (implies blitting)
    IllegalArgumentException - if frontCaps or backCaps are null
    exception: IllegalArgumentException - if frontCaps or backCaps are null
Method from java.awt.BufferCapabilities Summary:
clone,   getBackBufferCapabilities,   getFlipContents,   getFrontBufferCapabilities,   isFullScreenRequired,   isMultiBufferAvailable,   isPageFlipping
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Method from java.awt.BufferCapabilities Detail:
 public Object clone() 
 public ImageCapabilities getBackBufferCapabilities() 
 public FlipContents getFlipContents() 
 public ImageCapabilities getFrontBufferCapabilities() 
 public boolean isFullScreenRequired() 
 public boolean isMultiBufferAvailable() 
 public boolean isPageFlipping()