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class: ChoicePopupBox [javadoc | source]
Helper class: popup window containing list of Choice items, implements popup and scrolling list behavior of Choice component
Nested Class Summary:
class  ChoicePopupBox.ChoiceListState  List state implementation 
class  ChoicePopupBox.ChoiceScrollable  Scrolling behavior implementation 
Field Summary
static final  int PAGE_SIZE    how many items to scroll on PgUp/PgDn 
static final  int MAX_SKIP    how many ticks to skip when scroll speed is minimum 
 int selectedItem     
 int focusedItem     
transient  ScrollPaneAdjustable vAdj     
 Scrollable scrollable     
 ScrollStateController scrollController     
 ScrollbarStateController scrollbarController     
 boolean scroll     
Fields inherited from java.awt.PopupBox:
nativeWindow,  size,  location,  toolkit
 public ChoicePopupBox(Choice choice) 
Method from java.awt.ChoicePopupBox Summary:
calcBounds,   calcY,   changeSelection,   closeOnUngrab,   dragScroll,   getBounds,   getItemBounds,   getWidth,   hide,   makeFirst,   onKeyEvent,   onMouseEvent,   paint,   repaint,   repaint,   show
Methods from java.awt.PopupBox:
addNotify,   calculateBounds,   closeOnUngrab,   contains,   dispatchKeyEvent,   getActiveChild,   getGraphics,   getHeight,   getLocation,   getNativeWindow,   getOwner,   getParent,   getScreenLocation,   getSize,   hide,   isMenu,   isMenuBar,   isModal,   isVisible,   onKeyEvent,   onMouseEvent,   paint,   paint,   removeNotify,   setDefaultCursor,   setModal,   setParent,   show,   show
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Method from java.awt.ChoicePopupBox Detail:
 Rectangle calcBounds() 
    Calculates popup window screen bounds using choice style and location on screen
 int calcY(int y,
    int height,
    int screenHeight) 
    Places list popup window below or above Choice component
  void changeSelection(int incr) 
    Moves selection incr items up/down from current selected item, scrolls list to the new selected item
 boolean closeOnUngrab(Point start,
    Point end) 
  void dragScroll(int y) 
    Scrolls list to specified y position
 Rectangle getBounds() 
 Rectangle getItemBounds(int pos) 
    Gets item bounds inside popup list
 public int getWidth() 
  void hide() 
  void makeFirst(int idx) 
    Scrolls list to make item the first visible item
  void onKeyEvent(int eventId,
    int vKey,
    long when,
    int modifiers) 
  void onMouseEvent(int eventId,
    Point where,
    int mouseButton,
    long when,
    int modifiers,
    int wheelRotation) 
    Handles all mouse events on popup window
  void paint(Graphics g) 
    Paints popup list and vertical scrollbar(if necessary)
  void repaint() 
  void repaint(Rectangle r) 
  void show()