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protected class: Component.BltBufferStrategy [javadoc | source]

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Inner class for blitting offscreen surfaces to a component.
Field Summary
protected  BufferCapabilities caps    The buffering capabilities 
protected  VolatileImage[] backBuffers    The back buffers 
protected  boolean validatedContents    Whether or not the drawing buffer has been recently restored from a lost state. 
protected  int width    Size of the back buffers 
protected  int height     
 protected BltBufferStrategy(int numBuffers,
    BufferCapabilities caps) 
    Creates a new blt buffer strategy around a component
    numBuffers - number of buffers to create, including the front buffer
    caps - the capabilities of the buffers
Method from java.awt.Component$BltBufferStrategy Summary:
contentsLost,   contentsRestored,   createBackBuffers,   dispose,   getBackBuffer,   getCapabilities,   getDrawGraphics,   revalidate,   revalidate,   show,   showSubRegion
Methods from java.awt.image.BufferStrategy:
contentsLost,   contentsRestored,   dispose,   getCapabilities,   getDrawGraphics,   show
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Method from java.awt.Component$BltBufferStrategy Detail:
 public boolean contentsLost() 
 public boolean contentsRestored() 
 protected  void createBackBuffers(int numBuffers) 
    Creates the back buffers
 public  void dispose() 
 Image getBackBuffer() 
 public BufferCapabilities getCapabilities() 
 public Graphics getDrawGraphics() 
 protected  void revalidate() 
    Restore the drawing buffer if it has been lost
  void revalidate(boolean checkSize) 
 public  void show() 
    Makes the next available buffer visible.
  void showSubRegion(int x1,
    int y1,
    int x2,
    int y2) 
    Package-private method to present a specific rectangular area of this buffer. This class currently shows only the entire buffer, by calling showSubRegion() with the full dimensions of the buffer. Subclasses (e.g., BltSubRegionBufferStrategy and FlipSubRegionBufferStrategy) may have region-specific show methods that call this method with actual sub regions of the buffer.