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public interface: CompositeContext [javadoc | source] The CompositeContext interface defines the encapsulated and optimized environment for a compositing operation. CompositeContext objects maintain state for compositing operations. In a multi-threaded environment, several contexts can exist simultaneously for a single Composite object.
Method from java.awt.CompositeContext Summary:
compose,   dispose
Method from java.awt.CompositeContext Detail:
 public  void compose(Raster src,
    Raster dstIn,
    WritableRaster dstOut)
    Composes the two source Raster objects and places the result in the destination WritableRaster . Note that the destination can be the same object as either the first or second source. Note that dstIn and dstOut must be compatible with the dstColorModel passed to the createContext method of the Composite interface.
 public  void dispose()
    Releases resources allocated for a context.