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protected class: Container.AccessibleAWTContainer [javadoc | source]
Inner class of Container used to provide default support for accessibility. This class is not meant to be used directly by application developers, but is instead meant only to be subclassed by container developers.

The class used to obtain the accessible role for this object, as well as implementing many of the methods in the AccessibleContainer interface.

Nested Class Summary:
protected class  AccessibleAWTContainer.AccessibleContainerHandler  Fire PropertyChange listener, if one is registered, when children are added or removed. 
Field Summary
protected  ContainerListener accessibleContainerHandler     
Method from java.awt.Container$AccessibleAWTContainer Summary:
addPropertyChangeListener,   getAccessibleAt,   getAccessibleChild,   getAccessibleChildrenCount
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Method from java.awt.Container$AccessibleAWTContainer Detail:
 public  void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) 
    Adds a PropertyChangeListener to the listener list.
 public Accessible getAccessibleAt(Point p) 
    Returns the Accessible child, if one exists, contained at the local coordinate Point.
 public Accessible getAccessibleChild(int i) 
    Returns the nth Accessible child of the object.
 public int getAccessibleChildrenCount() 
    Returns the number of accessible children in the object. If all of the children of this object implement Accessible, then this method should return the number of children of this object.