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static final class: Dispatcher.MouseGrabManager [javadoc | source]
Retargets the mouse events to the grab owner when mouse is grabbed, grab and ungrab mouse when mouse buttons are pressed and released
Method from java.awt.Dispatcher$MouseGrabManager Summary:
endGrab,   getSyntheticGrabOwner,   onGrabCanceled,   onMousePressed,   onMouseReleased,   preprocessEvent,   startGrab
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Method from java.awt.Dispatcher$MouseGrabManager Detail:
  void endGrab() 
    Ends the explicit mouse grab. If the non-null callback was provided in the startGrab() method, this callback is called
 Component getSyntheticGrabOwner() 
 boolean onGrabCanceled() 
    Ends both explicit and synthetic grans
 Component onMousePressed(Component source) 
    Starts the synthetic mouse grab, increases the counter of currently pressed mouse buttons
 Component onMouseReleased(Component source) 
    Decreases the counter of currently pressed mouse buttons, ends the synthetic mouse grab, when this counter becomes zero
  void preprocessEvent(NativeEvent event) 
    Update the state of synthetic ouse gram when the mouse is moved/dragged
  void startGrab(Window grabWindow,
    Runnable whenCanceled) 
    Explicitly start the mouse grab