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final class: Dispatcher.PopupDispatcher [javadoc | source]
Dispatches native events related to the pop-up boxes (the non-component windows such as menus and drop lists)
Method from java.awt.Dispatcher$PopupDispatcher Summary:
activate,   deactivate,   deactivateAll,   isActive,   onEvent
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Method from java.awt.Dispatcher$PopupDispatcher Detail:
  void activate(PopupBox popup) 
    Remember the pop-up as active and grab the mouse on it
  void deactivate(PopupBox popup) 
    Deactivate the pop-up box, end the mouse grab
  void deactivateAll() 
    Deactivate the currently active pop-up box
 boolean isActive(PopupBox popup) 
    Check that the pop-up box is currently active
 boolean onEvent(NativeEvent event) 
    Handle the native event targeted by a pop-up box. This could be paint event, mouse or keyboard event.