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class: Dispatcher [javadoc | source]
Helper package-private class for managing lightweight components & dispatching events from heavyweight source
Nested Class Summary:
final class  Dispatcher.ComponentDispatcher  The dispatcher of native events that affect component's state or bounds 
final class  Dispatcher.KeyDispatcher  The dispatcher of the keyboard events 
static final class  Dispatcher.MouseGrabManager  Retargets the mouse events to the grab owner when mouse is grabbed, grab and ungrab mouse when mouse buttons are pressed and released 
final class  Dispatcher.PopupDispatcher  Dispatches native events related to the pop-up boxes (the non-component windows such as menus and drop lists) 
Field Summary
final  PopupDispatcher popupDispatcher     
final  FocusDispatcher focusDispatcher     
final  MouseGrabManager mouseGrabManager     
final  MouseDispatcher mouseDispatcher     
 int clickInterval     
 Dispatcher(Toolkit toolkit) 
    toolkit - - AWT toolkit
Method from java.awt.Dispatcher Summary:
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Method from java.awt.Dispatcher Detail:
 public boolean onEvent(NativeEvent event) 
    Dispatch native event: produce appropriate AWT events, update component's fields when needed