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public final class: DisplayMode [javadoc | source]
The DisplayMode class encapsulates the bit depth, height, width, and refresh rate of a GraphicsDevice. The ability to change graphics device's display mode is platform- and configuration-dependent and may not always be available (see GraphicsDevice#isDisplayChangeSupported ).

For more information on full-screen exclusive mode API, see the Full-Screen Exclusive Mode API Tutorial.

Field Summary
public static final  int BIT_DEPTH_MULTI    Value of the bit depth if multiple bit depths are supported in this display mode. 
public static final  int REFRESH_RATE_UNKNOWN    Value of the refresh rate if not known. 
 public DisplayMode(int width,
    int height,
    int bitDepth,
    int refreshRate) 
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Method from java.awt.DisplayMode Detail:
 public boolean equals(DisplayMode dm) 
    Returns whether the two display modes are equal.
 public boolean equals(Object dm) 
 public int getBitDepth() 
    Returns the bit depth of the display, in bits per pixel. This may be BIT_DEPTH_MULTI if multiple bit depths are supported in this display mode.
 public int getHeight() 
    Returns the height of the display, in pixels.
 public int getRefreshRate() 
    Returns the refresh rate of the display, in hertz. This may be REFRESH_RATE_UNKNOWN if the information is not available.
 public int getWidth() 
    Returns the width of the display, in pixels.
 public int hashCode()