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class: EventDispatchThread [javadoc | source]

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EventDispatchThread is a package-private AWT class which takes events off the EventQueue and dispatches them to the appropriate AWT components. The Thread starts a "permanent" event pump with a call to pumpEvents(Conditional) in its run() method. Event handlers can choose to block this event pump at any time, but should start a new pump (not a new EventDispatchThread) by again calling pumpEvents(Conditional). This secondary event pump will exit automatically as soon as the Condtional evaluate()s to false and an additional Event is pumped and dispatched.
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 EventDispatchThread(ThreadGroup group,
    String name,
    EventQueue queue) 
Method from java.awt.EventDispatchThread Summary:
addEventFilter,   getEventQueue,   pumpEvents,   pumpEvents,   pumpEventsForFilter,   pumpEventsForFilter,   pumpEventsForHierarchy,   pumpEventsForHierarchy,   pumpOneEventForFilters,   removeEventFilter,   run,   setEventQueue,   stopDispatching
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Method from java.awt.EventDispatchThread Detail:
  void addEventFilter(EventFilter filter) 
 public synchronized EventQueue getEventQueue() 
  void pumpEvents(Conditional cond) 
  void pumpEvents(int id,
    Conditional cond) 
  void pumpEventsForFilter(Conditional cond,
    EventFilter filter) 
  void pumpEventsForFilter(int id,
    Conditional cond,
    EventFilter filter) 
  void pumpEventsForHierarchy(Conditional cond,
    Component modalComponent) 
  void pumpEventsForHierarchy(int id,
    Conditional cond,
    Component modalComponent) 
 boolean pumpOneEventForFilters(int id) 
  void removeEventFilter(EventFilter filter) 
 public  void run() 
 public synchronized  void setEventQueue(EventQueue eq) 
 public  void stopDispatching()