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class: FocusDispatcher [javadoc | source]
"internal" focus manager Take decoded native focus events & generate WINDOW_GAINED_FOCUS, WINDOW_LOST_FOCUS if necessary. Move focus to focus Proxy to simulate "active" Frame/Dialog when a non-activateable Window gains focus. Interact with current KeyboardFocusManager: query focused, active window, and post all Focus(Window)Events to EventQueue
 FocusDispatcher(Toolkit toolkit) 
Method from java.awt.FocusDispatcher Summary:
dispatch,   dispatchFocusEvent
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Method from java.awt.FocusDispatcher Detail:
 boolean dispatch(Component src,
    NativeEvent event) 
 boolean dispatchFocusEvent(boolean focusGained,
    Component comp,
    Component oppositeComp,
    Window focusProxyOwner,
    Window oppositeFocusProxyOwner)