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public class: GridBagLayoutInfo [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The {@code GridBagLayoutInfo} is an utility class for {@code GridBagLayout} layout manager. It stores align, size and baseline parameters for every component within a container.

Field Summary
 int width     
 int height     
 int startx     
 int starty     
 int[] minWidth     
 int[] minHeight     
 double[] weightX     
 double[] weightY     
 boolean hasBaseline     
 short[] baselineType     
 int[] maxAscent     
 int[] maxDescent     
 GridBagLayoutInfo(int width,
    int height) 
Method from java.awt.GridBagLayoutInfo Summary:
hasBaseline,   hasConstantDescent
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Method from java.awt.GridBagLayoutInfo Detail:
 boolean hasBaseline(int row) 
    Returns true if there is a baseline for the specified row.
 boolean hasConstantDescent(int row) 
    Returns true if the specified row has any component aligned on the baseline with a baseline resize behavior of CONSTANT_DESCENT.