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final class: LinearGradientPaintContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Provides the actual implementation for the LinearGradientPaint. This is where the pixel processing is done.
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 LinearGradientPaintContext(LinearGradientPaint paint,
    ColorModel cm,
    Rectangle deviceBounds,
    Rectangle2D userBounds,
    AffineTransform t,
    RenderingHints hints,
    Point2D start,
    Point2D end,
    float[] fractions,
    Color[] colors,
    CycleMethod cycleMethod,
    ColorSpaceType colorSpace) 
    Constructor for LinearGradientPaintContext.
    paint - the {@code LinearGradientPaint} from which this context is created
    cm - {@code ColorModel} that receives the Paint data. This is used only as a hint.
    deviceBounds - the device space bounding box of the graphics primitive being rendered
    userBounds - the user space bounding box of the graphics primitive being rendered
    t - the {@code AffineTransform} from user space into device space (gradientTransform should be concatenated with this)
    hints - the hints that the context object uses to choose between rendering alternatives
    dStart - gradient start point, in user space
    dEnd - gradient end point, in user space
    fractions - the fractions specifying the gradient distribution
    colors - the gradient colors
    cycleMethod - either NO_CYCLE, REFLECT, or REPEAT
    colorSpace - which colorspace to use for interpolation, either SRGB or LINEAR_RGB
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Method from java.awt.LinearGradientPaintContext Detail:
 protected  void fillRaster(int[] pixels,
    int off,
    int adjust,
    int x,
    int y,
    int w,
    int h) 
    Return a Raster containing the colors generated for the graphics operation. This is where the area is filled with colors distributed linearly.