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public class: MouseInfo [javadoc | source]
MouseInfo provides methods for getting information about the mouse, such as mouse pointer location and the number of mouse buttons.
Method from java.awt.MouseInfo Summary:
getNumberOfButtons,   getPointerInfo
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Method from java.awt.MouseInfo Detail:
 public static int getNumberOfButtons() throws HeadlessException 
    Returns the number of buttons on the mouse. On systems without a mouse, returns -1.
 public static PointerInfo getPointerInfo() throws HeadlessException 
    Returns a PointerInfo instance that represents the current location of the mouse pointer. The GraphicsDevice stored in this PointerInfo contains the mouse pointer. The coordinate system used for the mouse position depends on whether or not the GraphicsDevice is part of a virtual screen device. For virtual screen devices, the coordinates are given in the virtual coordinate system, otherwise they are returned in the coordinate system of the GraphicsDevice. See GraphicsConfiguration for more information about the virtual screen devices. On systems without a mouse, returns null.

    If there is a security manager, its checkPermission method is called with an AWTPermission("watchMousePointer") permission before creating and returning a PointerInfo object. This may result in a SecurityException.