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public class: PointerInfo [javadoc | source]
A class that describes the pointer position. It provides the GraphicsDevice where the pointer is and the Point that represents the coordinates of the pointer.

Instances of this class should be obtained via MouseInfo#getPointerInfo . The PointerInfo instance is not updated dynamically as the mouse moves. To get the updated location, you must call MouseInfo#getPointerInfo again.

 PointerInfo(GraphicsDevice device,
    Point location) 
    Package-private constructor to prevent instantiation.
Method from java.awt.PointerInfo Summary:
getDevice,   getLocation
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Method from java.awt.PointerInfo Detail:
 public GraphicsDevice getDevice() 
    Returns the GraphicsDevice where the mouse pointer was at the moment this PointerInfo was created.
 public Point getLocation() 
    Returns the Point that represents the coordinates of the pointer on the screen. See MouseInfo#getPointerInfo for more information about coordinate calculation for multiscreen systems.