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abstract class: PopupBox [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:

Non-component window for displaying menus and drop-down lists
Field Summary
 NativeWindow nativeWindow     
final  Dimension size     
final  Point location     
final  Toolkit toolkit     
Method from java.awt.PopupBox Summary:
addNotify,   calculateBounds,   closeOnUngrab,   contains,   dispatchKeyEvent,   getActiveChild,   getGraphics,   getHeight,   getLocation,   getNativeWindow,   getOwner,   getParent,   getScreenLocation,   getSize,   hide,   isMenu,   isMenuBar,   isModal,   isVisible,   onKeyEvent,   onMouseEvent,   paint,   paint,   removeNotify,   setDefaultCursor,   setModal,   setParent,   show,   show
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from java.awt.PopupBox Detail:
  void addNotify() 
 Rectangle calculateBounds() 
 boolean closeOnUngrab(Point start,
    Point end) 
    Determine if the pop-up box should be hidden if the mouse button was pressed at the start position and released at the end position
 boolean contains(Point p) 
 final  void dispatchKeyEvent(int eventId,
    int vKey,
    long when,
    int modifiers) 
    Pass the keyboard event to the topmost active pop-up box
 final PopupBox getActiveChild() 
 Graphics getGraphics(MultiRectArea clip) 
 int getHeight() 
 Point getLocation() 
 final NativeWindow getNativeWindow() 
 Window getOwner() 
 PopupBox getParent() 
 Point getScreenLocation() 
 Dimension getSize() 
  void hide() 
 boolean isMenu() 
 boolean isMenuBar() 
 final boolean isModal() 
 final boolean isVisible() 
 abstract  void onKeyEvent(int eventId,
    int vKey,
    long when,
    int modifiers)
    Keyboard events handler
 abstract  void onMouseEvent(int eventId,
    Point where,
    int mouseButton,
    long when,
    int modifiers,
    int wheelRotation)
    Mouse events handler
  void paint(MultiRectArea clipArea) 
 abstract  void paint(Graphics gr)
  void removeNotify() 
  void setDefaultCursor() 
 final  void setModal(boolean modal) 
  void setParent(PopupBox p) 
  void show(Frame owner) 
  void show(Point location,
    Dimension size,
    Window owner)