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abstract public static class: RenderingHints.Key [javadoc | source]
Defines the base type of all keys used along with the RenderingHints class to control various algorithm choices in the rendering and imaging pipelines. Instances of this class are immutable and unique which means that tests for matches can be made using the {@code ==} operator instead of the more expensive {@code equals()} method.
 protected Key(int privatekey) 
Method from java.awt.RenderingHints$Key Summary:
equals,   hashCode,   intKey,   isCompatibleValue
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Method from java.awt.RenderingHints$Key Detail:
 public final boolean equals(Object o) 
    The equals method for all Key objects will return the same result as the equality operator '=='.
 public final int hashCode() 
    The hash code for all Key objects will be the same as the system identity code of the object as defined by the System.identityHashCode() method.
 protected final int intKey() 
    Returns the private integer key that the subclass instantiated this Key with.
 abstract public boolean isCompatibleValue(Object val)
    Returns true if the specified object is a valid value for this Key.