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protected class: Scrollbar.AccessibleAWTScrollBar [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class implements accessibility support for the Scrollbar class. It provides an implementation of the Java Accessibility API appropriate to scrollbar user-interface elements.
Method from java.awt.Scrollbar$AccessibleAWTScrollBar Summary:
getAccessibleRole,   getAccessibleStateSet,   getAccessibleValue,   getCurrentAccessibleValue,   getMaximumAccessibleValue,   getMinimumAccessibleValue,   setCurrentAccessibleValue
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Method from java.awt.Scrollbar$AccessibleAWTScrollBar Detail:
 public AccessibleRole getAccessibleRole() 
    Get the role of this object.
 public AccessibleStateSet getAccessibleStateSet() 
    Get the state set of this object.
 public AccessibleValue getAccessibleValue() 
    Get the AccessibleValue associated with this object. In the implementation of the Java Accessibility API for this class, return this object, which is responsible for implementing the AccessibleValue interface on behalf of itself.
 public Number getCurrentAccessibleValue() 
    Get the accessible value of this object.
 public Number getMaximumAccessibleValue() 
    Get the maximum accessible value of this object.
 public Number getMinimumAccessibleValue() 
    Get the minimum accessible value of this object.
 public boolean setCurrentAccessibleValue(Number n) 
    Set the value of this object as a Number.