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public static enum class: Window.Type [javadoc | source]
Enumeration of available window types. A window type defines the generic visual appearance and behavior of a top-level window. For example, the type may affect the kind of decorations of a decorated {@code Frame} or {@code Dialog} instance.

Some platforms may not fully support a certain window type. Depending on the level of support, some properties of the window type may be disobeyed.

Field Summary
public static  Type NORMAL    Represents a normal window. This is the default type for objects of the {@code Window} class or its descendants. Use this type for regular top-level windows. 
public static  Type UTILITY    Represents a utility window. A utility window is usually a small window such as a toolbar or a palette. The native system may render the window with smaller title-bar if the window is either a {@code Frame} or a {@code Dialog} object, and if it has its decorations enabled. 
public static  Type POPUP    Represents a popup window. A popup window is a temporary window such as a drop-down menu or a tooltip. On some platforms, windows of that type may be forcibly made undecorated even if they are instances of the {@code Frame} or {@code Dialog} class, and have decorations enabled.