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public interface: Autoscroll [javadoc | source] During DnD operations it is possible that a user may wish to drop the subject of the operation on a region of a scrollable GUI control that is not currently visible to the user.

In such situations it is desirable that the GUI control detect this and institute a scroll operation in order to make obscured region(s) visible to the user. This feature is known as autoscrolling.

If a GUI control is both an active DropTarget and is also scrollable, it can receive notifications of autoscrolling gestures by the user from the DnD system by implementing this interface.

An autoscrolling gesture is initiated by the user by keeping the drag cursor motionless with a border region of the Component, referred to as the "autoscrolling region", for a predefined period of time, this will result in repeated scroll requests to the Component until the drag Cursor resumes its motion.

Method from java.awt.dnd.Autoscroll Summary:
autoscroll,   getAutoscrollInsets
Method from java.awt.dnd.Autoscroll Detail:
 public  void autoscroll(Point cursorLocn)
    notify the Component to autoscroll

 public Insets getAutoscrollInsets()
    This method returns the Insets describing the autoscrolling region or border relative to the geometry of the implementing Component.

    This value is read once by the DropTarget upon entry of the drag Cursor into the associated Component.