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public class: DropTargetContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A DropTargetContext is created whenever the logical cursor associated with a Drag and Drop operation coincides with the visible geometry of a Component associated with a DropTarget. The DropTargetContext provides the mechanism for a potential receiver of a drop operation to both provide the end user with the appropriate drag under feedback, but also to effect the subsequent data transfer if appropriate.
Nested Class Summary:
protected class  DropTargetContext.TransferableProxy  TransferableProxy is a helper inner class that implements Transferable interface and serves as a proxy for another Transferable object which represents data transfer for a particular drag-n-drop operation.

The proxy forwards all requests to the encapsulated transferable and automatically performs additional conversion on the data returned by the encapsulated transferable in case of local transfer. 

 DropTargetContext(DropTarget dt) 
    Construct a DropTargetContext given a specified DropTarget.

    dt - the DropTarget to associate with
Method from java.awt.dnd.DropTargetContext Summary:
acceptDrag,   acceptDrop,   addNotify,   createTransferableProxy,   dropComplete,   getComponent,   getCurrentDataFlavors,   getCurrentDataFlavorsAsList,   getDropTarget,   getDropTargetContextPeer,   getTargetActions,   getTransferable,   isDataFlavorSupported,   rejectDrag,   rejectDrop,   removeNotify,   setTargetActions
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Method from java.awt.dnd.DropTargetContext Detail:
 protected  void acceptDrag(int dragOperation) 
    accept the Drag.

 protected  void acceptDrop(int dropOperation) 
    called to signal that the drop is acceptable using the specified operation. must be called during DropTargetListener.drop method invocation.

 public  void addNotify(DropTargetContextPeer dtcp) 
    Called when associated with the DropTargetContextPeer.

 protected Transferable createTransferableProxy(Transferable t,
    boolean local) 
    Creates a TransferableProxy to proxy for the specified Transferable.
 public  void dropComplete(boolean success) throws InvalidDnDOperationException 
    This method signals that the drop is completed and if it was successful or not.

 public Component getComponent() 
    This method returns the Component associated with this DropTargetContext.

 protected DataFlavor[] getCurrentDataFlavors() 
    get the available DataFlavors of the Transferable operand of this operation.

 protected List<DataFlavor> getCurrentDataFlavorsAsList() 
    This method returns a the currently available DataFlavors of the Transferable operand as a java.util.List.

 public DropTarget getDropTarget() 
    This method returns the DropTarget associated with this DropTargetContext.

 DropTargetContextPeer getDropTargetContextPeer() 
    Get the DropTargetContextPeer

 protected int getTargetActions() 
    This method returns an int representing the current actions this DropTarget will accept.

 protected Transferable getTransferable() throws InvalidDnDOperationException 
    get the Transferable (proxy) operand of this operation

 protected boolean isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor df) 
    This method returns a boolean indicating if the given DataFlavor is supported by this DropTargetContext.

 protected  void rejectDrag() 
    reject the Drag.
 protected  void rejectDrop() 
    called to signal that the drop is unacceptable. must be called during DropTargetListener.drop method invocation.
 public  void removeNotify() 
    Called when disassociated with the DropTargetContextPeer.
 protected  void setTargetActions(int actions) 
    This method sets the current actions acceptable to this DropTarget.