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public interface: DragSourceContextPeer [javadoc | source]

This interface is supplied by the underlying window system platform to expose the behaviors of the Drag and Drop system to an originator of the same

Method from java.awt.dnd.peer.DragSourceContextPeer Summary:
getCursor,   setCursor,   startDrag,   transferablesFlavorsChanged
Method from java.awt.dnd.peer.DragSourceContextPeer Detail:
 public Cursor getCursor()
    return the current drag cursor
 public  void setCursor(Cursor c) throws InvalidDnDOperationException
    set the current drag cursor
 public  void startDrag(DragSourceContext dsc,
    Cursor c,
    Image dragImage,
    Point imageOffset) throws InvalidDnDOperationException
    start a drag
 public  void transferablesFlavorsChanged()
    notify the peer that the Transferables DataFlavors have changed