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public interface: DropTargetContextPeer [javadoc | source]

This interface is exposed by the underlying window system platform to enable control of platform DnD operations

Method from java.awt.dnd.peer.DropTargetContextPeer Summary:
acceptDrag,   acceptDrop,   dropComplete,   getDropTarget,   getTargetActions,   getTransferDataFlavors,   getTransferable,   isTransferableJVMLocal,   rejectDrag,   rejectDrop,   setTargetActions
Method from java.awt.dnd.peer.DropTargetContextPeer Detail:
 public  void acceptDrag(int dragAction)
    accept the Drag
 public  void acceptDrop(int dropAction)
    accept the Drop
 public  void dropComplete(boolean success)
    signal complete
 public DropTarget getDropTarget()
    get the DropTarget associated with this peer
 public int getTargetActions()
    get the current Target actions
 public DataFlavor[] getTransferDataFlavors()
    get the (remote) DataFlavors from the peer
 public Transferable getTransferable() throws InvalidDnDOperationException
    get an input stream to the remote data
 public boolean isTransferableJVMLocal()
 public  void rejectDrag()
    reject the Drag
 public  void rejectDrop()
    reject the Drop
 public  void setTargetActions(int actions)
    update the peer's notion of the Target's actions