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abstract public class: LineMetrics [javadoc | source]
The LineMetrics class allows access to the metrics needed to layout characters along a line and to layout of a set of lines. A LineMetrics object encapsulates the measurement information associated with a run of text.

Fonts can have different metrics for different ranges of characters. The getLineMetrics methods of Font take some text as an argument and return a LineMetrics object describing the metrics of the initial number of characters in that text, as returned by #getNumChars .
Method from java.awt.font.LineMetrics Summary:
getAscent,   getBaselineIndex,   getBaselineOffsets,   getDescent,   getHeight,   getLeading,   getNumChars,   getStrikethroughOffset,   getStrikethroughThickness,   getUnderlineOffset,   getUnderlineThickness
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Method from java.awt.font.LineMetrics Detail:
 abstract public float getAscent()
    Returns the ascent of the text. The ascent is the distance from the baseline to the ascender line. The ascent usually represents the the height of the capital letters of the text. Some characters can extend above the ascender line.
 abstract public int getBaselineIndex()
 abstract public float[] getBaselineOffsets()
    Returns the baseline offsets of the text, relative to the baseline of the text. The offsets are indexed by baseline index. For example, if the baseline index is CENTER_BASELINE then offsets[HANGING_BASELINE] is usually negative, offsets[CENTER_BASELINE] is zero, and offsets[ROMAN_BASELINE] is usually positive.
 abstract public float getDescent()
    Returns the descent of the text. The descent is the distance from the baseline to the descender line. The descent usually represents the distance to the bottom of lower case letters like 'p'. Some characters can extend below the descender line.
 abstract public float getHeight()
    Returns the height of the text. The height is equal to the sum of the ascent, the descent and the leading.
 abstract public float getLeading()
    Returns the leading of the text. The leading is the recommended distance from the bottom of the descender line to the top of the next line.
 abstract public int getNumChars()
    Returns the number of characters (char values) in the text whose metrics are encapsulated by this LineMetrics object.
 abstract public float getStrikethroughOffset()
    Returns the position of the strike-through line relative to the baseline.
 abstract public float getStrikethroughThickness()
    Returns the thickness of the strike-through line.
 abstract public float getUnderlineOffset()
    Returns the position of the underline relative to the baseline.
 abstract public float getUnderlineThickness()
    Returns the thickness of the underline.