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public interface: ContainerPeer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    WindowPeer, PanelPeer, DialogPeer, ScrollPanePeer, FileDialogPeer, FramePeer

The peer interface for Container . This is the parent interface for all container like widgets. The peer interfaces are intended only for use in porting the AWT. They are not intended for use by application developers, and developers should not implement peers nor invoke any of the peer methods directly on the peer instances.
Method from java.awt.peer.ContainerPeer Summary:
beginLayout,   beginValidate,   endLayout,   endValidate,   getInsets
Method from java.awt.peer.ContainerPeer Detail:
 public  void beginLayout()
    Notifies the peer that layout is about to begin. This is called before the container itself and its children are laid out.
 public  void beginValidate()
    Notifies the peer that validation of the component tree is about to begin.
 public  void endLayout()
    Notifies the peer that layout is finished. This is called after the container and its children have been laid out.
 public  void endValidate()
    Notifies the peer that validation of the component tree is finished.
 public Insets getInsets()
    Returns the insets of this container. Insets usually is the space that is occupied by things like borders.