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public interface: MouseInfoPeer [javadoc | source] Peer interface for MouseInfo . This is used to get some additional information about the mouse. The peer interfaces are intended only for use in porting the AWT. They are not intended for use by application developers, and developers should not implement peers nor invoke any of the peer methods directly on the peer instances.
Method from java.awt.peer.MouseInfoPeer Summary:
fillPointWithCoords,   isWindowUnderMouse
Method from java.awt.peer.MouseInfoPeer Detail:
 public int fillPointWithCoords(Point point)
    This method does two things: it fills the point fields with the current coordinates of the mouse cursor and returns the number of the screen device where the pointer is located. The number of the screen device is only returned for independent devices (which are not parts of a virtual screen device). For virtual screen devices, 0 is returned. Mouse coordinates are also calculated depending on whether or not the screen device is virtual. For virtual screen devices, pointer coordinates are calculated in the virtual coordinate system. Otherwise, coordinates are calculated in the coordinate system of the screen device where the pointer is located. See java.awt.GraphicsConfiguration documentation for more details about virtual screen devices.
 public boolean isWindowUnderMouse(Window w)
    Returns whether or not the window is located under the mouse pointer. The window is considered to be under the mouse pointer if it is showing on the screen, and the mouse pointer is above the part of the window that is not obscured by any other windows.