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public interface: RobotPeer [javadoc | source] RobotPeer defines an interface whereby toolkits support automated testing by allowing native input events to be generated from Java code. This interface should not be directly imported by code outside the java.awt.* hierarchy; it is not to be considered public and is subject to change.
Method from java.awt.peer.RobotPeer Summary:
dispose,   getRGBPixel,   getRGBPixels,   keyPress,   keyRelease,   mouseMove,   mousePress,   mouseRelease,   mouseWheel
Method from java.awt.peer.RobotPeer Detail:
 public  void dispose()
    Disposes the robot peer when it is not needed anymore.
 public int getRGBPixel(int x,
    int y)
    Gets the RGB value of the specified pixel on screen.
 public int[] getRGBPixels(Rectangle bounds)
    Gets the RGB values of the specified screen area as an array.
 public  void keyPress(int keycode)
    Simulates a key press of the specified key.
 public  void keyRelease(int keycode)
    Simulates a key release of the specified key.
 public  void mouseMove(int x,
    int y)
    Moves the mouse pointer to the specified screen location.
 public  void mousePress(int buttons)
    Simulates a mouse press with the specified button(s).
 public  void mouseRelease(int buttons)
    Simulates a mouse release with the specified button(s).
 public  void mouseWheel(int wheelAmt)
    Simulates mouse wheel action.