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public interface: TrayIconPeer [javadoc | source] The peer interface for the TrayIcon . This doesn't need to be implemented if SystemTray#isSupported() returns false.
Method from java.awt.peer.TrayIconPeer Summary:
displayMessage,   dispose,   setToolTip,   showPopupMenu,   updateImage
Method from java.awt.peer.TrayIconPeer Detail:
 public  void displayMessage(String caption,
    String text,
    String messageType)
    Displays a message at the tray icon.
 public  void dispose()
    Disposes the tray icon and releases and resources held by it.
 public  void setToolTip(String tooltip)
    Sets the tool tip for the tray icon.
 public  void showPopupMenu(int x,
    int y)
    Shows the popup menu of this tray icon at the specified position.
 public  void updateImage()
    Updates the icon image. This is supposed to display the current icon from the TrayIcon component in the actual tray icon.