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public interface: WindowPeer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DialogPeer, FileDialogPeer, FramePeer

The peer interface for Window . The peer interfaces are intended only for use in porting the AWT. They are not intended for use by application developers, and developers should not implement peers nor invoke any of the peer methods directly on the peer instances.
Method from java.awt.peer.WindowPeer Summary:
repositionSecurityWarning,   setAlwaysOnTop,   setModalBlocked,   setOpacity,   setOpaque,   toBack,   toFront,   updateFocusableWindowState,   updateIconImages,   updateMinimumSize,   updateWindow
Method from java.awt.peer.WindowPeer Detail:
 public  void repositionSecurityWarning()
    Instructs the peer to update the position of the security warning.
 public  void setAlwaysOnTop(boolean alwaysOnTop)
    Sets if the window should always stay on top of all other windows or not.
 public  void setModalBlocked(Dialog blocker,
    boolean blocked)
    Sets if this window is blocked by a modal dialog or not.
 public  void setOpacity(float opacity)
    Sets the level of opacity for the window.
 public  void setOpaque(boolean isOpaque)
    Enables the per-pixel alpha support for the window.
 public  void toBack()
    Makes this window the bottommost window on the desktop.
 public  void toFront()
    Makes this window the topmost window on the desktop.
 public  void updateFocusableWindowState()
    Updates the window's focusable state.
 public  void updateIconImages()
    Updates the icons for the window.
 public  void updateMinimumSize()
    Updates the minimum size on the peer.
 public  void updateWindow()
    Updates the native part of non-opaque window.