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public class: ConstructorProperties [javadoc | source]

An annotation on a constructor that shows how the parameters of that constructor correspond to the constructed object's getter methods. For example:

public class Point {
@ConstructorProperties({"x", "y"})
public Point(int x, int y) {
this.x = x;
this.y = y;

public int getX() {
return x;

public int getY() {
return y;

private final int x, y;
The annotation shows that the first parameter of the constructor can be retrieved with the {@code getX()} method and the second with the {@code getY()} method. Since parameter names are not in general available at runtime, without the annotation there would be no way to know whether the parameters correspond to {@code getX()} and {@code getY()} or the other way around.

Method from java.beans.ConstructorProperties Summary:
Method from java.beans.ConstructorProperties Detail:
 String[] value() 

    The getter names.