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public class: IndexedPropertyChangeEvent [javadoc | source]

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An "IndexedPropertyChange" event gets delivered whenever a component that conforms to the JavaBeans™ specification (a "bean") changes a bound indexed property. This class is an extension of PropertyChangeEvent but contains the index of the property that has changed.

Null values may be provided for the old and the new values if their true values are not known.

An event source may send a null object as the name to indicate that an arbitrary set of if its properties have changed. In this case the old and new values should also be null.

Fields inherited from java.util.EventObject:
 public IndexedPropertyChangeEvent(Object source,
    String propertyName,
    Object oldValue,
    Object newValue,
    int index) 
    Constructs a new IndexedPropertyChangeEvent object.
    source - The bean that fired the event.
    propertyName - The programmatic name of the property that was changed.
    oldValue - The old value of the property.
    newValue - The new value of the property.
    index - index of the property element that was changed.
Method from java.beans.IndexedPropertyChangeEvent Summary:
appendTo,   getIndex
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appendTo,   getNewValue,   getOldValue,   getPropagationId,   getPropertyName,   setPropagationId,   toString
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getSource,   toString
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Method from java.beans.IndexedPropertyChangeEvent Detail:
  void appendTo(StringBuilder sb) 
 public int getIndex() 
    Gets the index of the property that was changed.