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public class: Transient [javadoc | source]
Indicates that an attribute called "transient" should be declared with the given {@code value} when the Introspector constructs a PropertyDescriptor or EventSetDescriptor classes associated with the annotated code element. A {@code true} value for the "transient" attribute indicates to encoders derived from Encoder that this feature should be ignored.

The {@code Transient} annotation may be be used in any of the methods that are involved in a FeatureDescriptor subclass to identify the transient feature in the annotated class and its subclasses. Normally, the method that starts with "get" is the best place to put the annotation and it is this declaration that takes precedence in the case of multiple annotations being defined for the same feature.

To declare a feature non-transient in a class whose superclass declares it transient, use {@code @Transient(false)}. In all cases, the Introspector decides if a feature is transient by referring to the annotation on the most specific superclass. If no {@code Transient} annotation is present in any superclass the feature is not transient.

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 boolean value()