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public class: VetoableChangeListenerProxy [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    VetoableChangeListener, EventListener

A class which extends the {@code EventListenerProxy} specifically for adding a {@code VetoableChangeListener} with a "constrained" property. Instances of this class can be added as {@code VetoableChangeListener}s to a bean which supports firing vetoable change events.

If the object has a {@code getVetoableChangeListeners} method then the array returned could be a mixture of {@code VetoableChangeListener} and {@code VetoableChangeListenerProxy} objects.

 public VetoableChangeListenerProxy(String propertyName,
    VetoableChangeListener listener) 
    Constructor which binds the {@code VetoableChangeListener} to a specific property.
    propertyName - the name of the property to listen on
    listener - the listener object
Method from java.beans.VetoableChangeListenerProxy Summary:
getPropertyName,   vetoableChange
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Method from java.beans.VetoableChangeListenerProxy Detail:
 public String getPropertyName() 
    Returns the name of the named property associated with the listener.
 public  void vetoableChange(PropertyChangeEvent event) throws PropertyVetoException 
    Forwards the property change event to the listener delegate.