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Sub Packages:

java.beans.beancontext   Provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context.  



This interface is designed to work in collusion with java.beans.Beans.instantiate. 

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BeanInfo   A bean implementor who wishes to provide explicit information about their bean may provide a BeanInfo class that implements this BeanInfo interface and provides explicit information about the methods, properties, events, etc, of their bean.  code | html
Customizer   A customizer class provides a complete custom GUI for customizing a target Java Bean.  code | html

This interface is intended to be implemented by, or delegated from, instances of java.beans.beancontext.BeanContext, in order to propagate to its nested hierarchy of java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextChild instances, the current "designTime" property. 

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ExceptionListener   An ExceptionListener is notified of internal exceptions.  code | html
PropertyChangeListener   A "PropertyChange" event gets fired whenever a bean changes a "bound" property.  code | html
PropertyEditor   A PropertyEditor class provides support for GUIs that want to allow users to edit a property value of a given type.  code | html
VetoableChangeListener   A VetoableChange event gets fired whenever a bean changes a "constrained" property.  code | html
Visibility   Under some circumstances a bean may be run on servers where a GUI is not available.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ChangeListenerMap   This is an abstract class that provides base functionality for the PropertyChangeSupport class and the VetoableChangeSupport class.  code | html
PersistenceDelegate   The PersistenceDelegate class takes the responsibility for expressing the state of an instance of a given class in terms of the methods in the class's public API.  code | html
java_util_Collections   The base class for persistence delegates for inner classes that can be created using Collections code | html


ArrayPersistenceDelegate     code | html
ArrayPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtChoicePersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtColorPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtComponentPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtContainerPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtCursorPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtDimensionPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtFontPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtFontTextAttributePersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtInsetsPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtListPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtMenuBarPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtMenuPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtMenuShortcutPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtPointPersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtRectanglePersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtScrollPanePersistenceDelegate     code | html
AwtSystemColorPersistenceDelegate     code | html
BeanDescriptor   A BeanDescriptor provides global information about a "bean", including its Java class, its displayName, etc.  code | html
Beans   This class provides some general purpose beans control methods.  code | html
BeansAppletContext   Package private support class.  code | html
BeansAppletStub   Package private support class.  code | html
ClassPersistenceDelegate     code | html

An annotation on a constructor that shows how the parameters of that constructor correspond to the constructed object's getter methods. 

code | html
CustomizedObjectInputStream   Customized object input stream that allows to read objects by specified class loader  code | html
DefaultPersistenceDelegate   The DefaultPersistenceDelegate is a concrete implementation of the abstract PersistenceDelegate class and is the delegate used by default for classes about which no information is available.  code | html
Encoder   An Encoder is a class which can be used to create files or streams that encode the state of a collection of JavaBeans in terms of their public APIs.  code | html
EnumPersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for enum classes.  code | html
EventHandler   The EventHandler class provides support for dynamically generating event listeners whose methods execute a simple statement involving an incoming event object and a target object.  code | html
EventSetDescriptor   An EventSetDescriptor describes a group of events that a given Java bean fires.  code | html
Expression   An Expression object represents a primitive expression in which a single method is applied to a target and a set of arguments to return a result - as in "a.getFoo()" code | html
FeatureDescriptor   The FeatureDescriptor class is the common baseclass for PropertyDescriptor, EventSetDescriptor, and MethodDescriptor, etc.  code | html
FieldPersistenceDelegate   This is a persistence delegate for the java.lang.reflect.Field class.  code | html
GenericBeanInfo   Package private implementation support class for Introspector's internal use.  code | html
IndexedPropertyChangeEvent   An "IndexedPropertyChange" event gets delivered whenever a component that conforms to the JavaBeans™ specification (a "bean") changes a bound indexed property.  code | html
IndexedPropertyDescriptor   An IndexedPropertyDescriptor describes a property that acts like an array and has an indexed read and/or indexed write method to access specific elements of the array.  code | html
IntrospectionException   Thrown when an exception happens during Introspection.  code | html
Introspector   The Introspector class provides a standard way for tools to learn about the properties, events, and methods supported by a target Java Bean.  code | html
MetaData     code | html
MethodDescriptor   A MethodDescriptor describes a particular method that a Java Bean supports for external access from other components.  code | html
MethodPersistenceDelegate   Persistence delegate for java.lang.reflect.Method class.  code | html
NameGenerator   A utility class which generates unique names for object instances.  code | html
NullPersistenceDelegate     code | html
NullPersistenceDelegate     code | html
ObjectInputStreamWithLoader   This subclass of ObjectInputStream delegates loading of classes to an existing ClassLoader.  code | html
ParameterDescriptor   The ParameterDescriptor class allows bean implementors to provide additional information on each of their parameters, beyond the low level type information provided by the java.lang.reflect.Method class.  code | html
PrimitivePersistenceDelegate     code | html
PrimitiveWrapperPersistenceDelegate   A special internal PersistenceDelegate for wrapper classes of primitive types like int.  code | html
PropertyChangeEvent   A "PropertyChange" event gets delivered whenever a bean changes a "bound" or "constrained" property.  code | html
PropertyChangeListenerProxy   A class which extends the {@code EventListenerProxy} specifically for adding a {@code PropertyChangeListener} with a "bound" property.  code | html
PropertyChangeSupport   This is a utility class that can be used by beans that support bound properties.  code | html
PropertyChangeSupport.PropertyChangeListenerMap   This is a ChangeListenerMap implementation that works with PropertyChangeListener objects.  code | html
PropertyDescriptor   A PropertyDescriptor describes one property that a Java Bean exports via a pair of accessor methods.  code | html
PropertyEditorManager   The PropertyEditorManager can be used to locate a property editor for any given type name.  code | html
PropertyEditorSupport   This is a support class to help build property editors.  code | html
PropertyVetoException   A PropertyVetoException is thrown when a proposed change to a property represents an unacceptable value.  code | html
ProxyPersistenceDelegate     code | html
ProxyPersistenceDelegate     code | html
ReferenceMap   A simple map.  code | html
ReferenceMap.Pair     code | html
ReflectionUtils   A utility class for reflectively finding methods, constuctors and fields using reflection.  code | html
SimpleBeanInfo   This is a support class to make it easier for people to provide BeanInfo classes.  code | html
StandardBeanInfo     code | html
StandardBeanInfo.PropertyComparator     code | html
Statement   A Statement object represents a primitive statement in which a single method is applied to a target and a set of arguments - as in "a.setFoo(b)" code | html
StaticFieldPersistenceDelegate     code | html
StaticFieldsPersistenceDelegate     code | html
StringPersistenceDelegate     code | html
SwingAbstractButtonPersistenceDelegate   A special internal PersistenceDelegate for java.awt.JComponent class.  code | html
SwingBoxPersistenceDelegate     code | html
SwingDefaultComboBoxModelPersistenceDelegate     code | html
SwingJFramePersistenceDelegate     code | html
SwingJTabbedPanePersistenceDelegate     code | html
SwingToolTipManagerPersistenceDelegate     code | html
Transient   Indicates that an attribute called "transient" should be declared with the given {@code value} when the Introspector constructs a PropertyDescriptor or EventSetDescriptor classes associated with the annotated code element.  code | html
UtilCollectionPersistenceDelegate     code | html
UtilDatePersistenceDelegate     code | html
UtilListPersistenceDelegate     code | html
UtilMapPersistenceDelegate     code | html
VetoableChangeListenerProxy   A class which extends the {@code EventListenerProxy} specifically for adding a {@code VetoableChangeListener} with a "constrained" property.  code | html
VetoableChangeSupport   This is a utility class that can be used by beans that support constrained properties.  code | html
VetoableChangeSupport.VetoableChangeListenerMap   This is a ChangeListenerMap implementation that works with VetoableChangeListener objects.  code | html
XMLDecoder   The XMLDecoder class is used to read XML documents created using the XMLEncoder and is used just like the ObjectInputStream code | html
XMLEncoder   The XMLEncoder class is a complementary alternative to the ObjectOutputStream and can used to generate a textual representation of a JavaBean in the same way that the ObjectOutputStream can be used to create binary representation of Serializable objects.  code | html
XMLEncoder.ValueData     code | html
java_awt_AWTKeyStroke_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for AWTKeyStroke code | html
java_awt_BorderLayout_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_CardLayout_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_Choice_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_Component_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_Container_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_Font_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for Font code | html
java_awt_GridBagLayout_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_Insets_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for Insets code | html
java_awt_List_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_MenuBar_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_MenuShortcut_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_Menu_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_SystemColor_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_awt_font_TextAttribute_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_beans_beancontext_BeanContextSupport_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_lang_Class_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_lang_String_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_lang_reflect_Field_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_lang_reflect_Method_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_sql_Timestamp_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for java.sql.Timestamp classes.  code | html
java_util_AbstractCollection_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_AbstractList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_AbstractMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collection_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedCollection_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedRandomAccessList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedSortedMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.CheckedSortedSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.EmptyList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.EmptyMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.EmptySet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SingletonList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SingletonMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SingletonSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedCollection_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedRandomAccessList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedSortedMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.SynchronizedSortedSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableCollection_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableRandomAccessList_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableSortedMap_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Collections.UnmodifiableSortedSet_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Date_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for java.util.Date classes.  code | html
java_util_EnumMap_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for java.util.EnumMap classes.  code | html
java_util_EnumSet_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for java.util.EnumSet classes.  code | html
java_util_Hashtable_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_List_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
java_util_Map_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_Box_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_DefaultComboBoxModel_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_DefaultListModel_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_JFrame_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_JMenu_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_JTabbedPane_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_ToolTipManager_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
javax_swing_border_MatteBorder_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for MatteBorder code | html
javax_swing_tree_DefaultMutableTreeNode_PersistenceDelegate     code | html
sun_swing_PrintColorUIResource_PersistenceDelegate   The persistence delegate for PrintColorUIResource code | html