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static class: ObjectInputStream.ValidationList [javadoc | source]
Prioritized list of callbacks to be performed once object graph has been completely deserialized.
Method from java.io.ObjectInputStream$ValidationList Summary:
clear,   doCallbacks,   register
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Method from java.io.ObjectInputStream$ValidationList Detail:
 public  void clear() 
    Resets the callback list to its initial (empty) state.
  void doCallbacks() throws InvalidObjectException 
    Invokes all registered callbacks and clears the callback list. Callbacks with higher priorities are called first; those with equal priorities may be called in any order. If any of the callbacks throws an InvalidObjectException, the callback process is terminated and the exception propagated upwards.
  void register(ObjectInputValidation obj,
    int priority) throws InvalidObjectException 
    Registers callback. Throws InvalidObjectException if callback object is null.