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static class: ObjectStreamClass.EntryFuture [javadoc | source]
Placeholder used in class descriptor and field reflector lookup tables for an entry in the process of being initialized. (Internal) callers which receive an EntryFuture belonging to another thread as the result of a lookup should call the get() method of the EntryFuture; this will return the actual entry once it is ready for use and has been set(). To conserve objects, EntryFutures synchronize on themselves.
Method from java.io.ObjectStreamClass$EntryFuture Summary:
get,   getOwner,   set
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Method from java.io.ObjectStreamClass$EntryFuture Detail:
 synchronized Object get() 
    Returns the value contained by this EntryFuture, blocking if necessary until a value is set.
 Thread getOwner() 
    Returns the thread that created this EntryFuture.
 synchronized boolean set(Object entry) 
    Attempts to set the value contained by this EntryFuture. If the EntryFuture's value has not been set already, then the value is saved, any callers blocked in the get() method are notified, and true is returned. If the value has already been set, then no saving or notification occurs, and false is returned.