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public interface: ObjectStreamConstants [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    MarshalledObjectOutputStream, ObjectInputStreamWithLoader, ObjectInputStreamWithLoader, MLetObjectInputStream, CustomizedObjectInputStream, ObjectOutputStream, extObjectInputStream, MarshalledObjectInputStream, ObjectInputStream

Constants written into the Object Serialization Stream.
Field Summary
static final  short STREAM_MAGIC    Magic number that is written to the stream header. 
static final  short STREAM_VERSION    Version number that is written to the stream header. 
static final  byte TC_BASE    First tag value. 
static final  byte TC_NULL    Null object reference. 
static final  byte TC_REFERENCE    Reference to an object already written into the stream. 
static final  byte TC_CLASSDESC    new Class Descriptor. 
static final  byte TC_OBJECT    new Object. 
static final  byte TC_STRING    new String. 
static final  byte TC_ARRAY    new Array. 
static final  byte TC_CLASS    Reference to Class. 
static final  byte TC_BLOCKDATA    Block of optional data. Byte following tag indicates number of bytes in this block data. 
static final  byte TC_ENDBLOCKDATA    End of optional block data blocks for an object. 
static final  byte TC_RESET    Reset stream context. All handles written into stream are reset. 
static final  byte TC_BLOCKDATALONG    long Block data. The long following the tag indicates the number of bytes in this block data. 
static final  byte TC_EXCEPTION    Exception during write. 
static final  byte TC_LONGSTRING    Long string. 
static final  byte TC_PROXYCLASSDESC    new Proxy Class Descriptor. 
static final  byte TC_ENUM    new Enum constant.
    since: 1.5 -
static final  byte TC_MAX    Last tag value. 
static final  int baseWireHandle    First wire handle to be assigned. 
static final  byte SC_WRITE_METHOD    Bit mask for ObjectStreamClass flag. Indicates a Serializable class defines its own writeObject method. 
static final  byte SC_BLOCK_DATA    Bit mask for ObjectStreamClass flag. Indicates Externalizable data written in Block Data mode. Added for PROTOCOL_VERSION_2. 
static final  byte SC_SERIALIZABLE    Bit mask for ObjectStreamClass flag. Indicates class is Serializable. 
static final  byte SC_EXTERNALIZABLE    Bit mask for ObjectStreamClass flag. Indicates class is Externalizable. 
static final  byte SC_ENUM    Bit mask for ObjectStreamClass flag. Indicates class is an enum type.
    since: 1.5 -
static final  SerializablePermission SUBSTITUTION_PERMISSION    Enable substitution of one object for another during serialization/deserialization.
    Also see:
    since: 1.2 -
static final  SerializablePermission SUBCLASS_IMPLEMENTATION_PERMISSION    Enable overriding of readObject and writeObject.
    Also see:
    since: 1.2 -
public static final  int PROTOCOL_VERSION_1    A Stream Protocol Version.

All externalizable data is written in JDK 1.1 external data format after calling this method. This version is needed to write streams containing Externalizable data that can be read by pre-JDK 1.1.6 JVMs.

    Also see:
    since: 1.2 -
public static final  int PROTOCOL_VERSION_2    A Stream Protocol Version.

This protocol is written by JVM 1.2. Externalizable data is written in block data mode and is terminated with TC_ENDBLOCKDATA. Externalizable classdescriptor flags has SC_BLOCK_DATA enabled. JVM 1.1.6 and greater can read this format change. Enables writing a nonSerializable class descriptor into the stream. The serialVersionUID of a nonSerializable class is set to 0L.

    Also see:
    since: 1.2 -