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final class: SerialCallbackContext [javadoc | source]
Context during upcalls from object stream to class-defined readObject/writeObject methods. Holds object currently being deserialized and descriptor for current class. This context keeps track of the thread it was constructed on, and allows only a single call of defaultReadObject, readFields, defaultWriteObject or writeFields which must be invoked on the same thread before the class's readObject/writeObject method has returned. If not set to the current thread, the getObj method throws NotActiveException.
 public SerialCallbackContext(Object obj,
    ObjectStreamClass desc) 
Method from java.io.SerialCallbackContext Summary:
getDesc,   getObj,   setUsed
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Method from java.io.SerialCallbackContext Detail:
 public ObjectStreamClass getDesc() 
 public Object getObj() throws NotActiveException 
 public  void setUsed()