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final class: CharBufferImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CharSequence, Comparable, Appendable, Readable

This is a Heap memory implementation
Fields inherited from java.nio.Buffer:
 CharBufferImpl(int capacity) 
 public CharBufferImpl(CharBufferImpl copy) 
 CharBufferImpl(char[] buffer,
    int offset,
    int capacity,
    int limit,
    int position,
    int mark,
    boolean readOnly) 
Method from java.nio.CharBufferImpl Summary:
asReadOnlyBuffer,   compact,   duplicate,   get,   get,   get,   isDirect,   isReadOnly,   order,   put,   put,   put,   slice,   subSequence
Methods from java.nio.CharBuffer:
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Methods from java.nio.Buffer:
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Method from java.nio.CharBufferImpl Detail:
 public CharBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer() 
 public CharBuffer compact() 
 public CharBuffer duplicate() 
 public char get() 
    Reads the char at this buffer's current position, and then increments the position.
 public char get(int index) 
    Absolute get method. Reads the char at position index.
 public CharBuffer get(char[] dst,
    int offset,
    int length) 
    Bulk get, overloaded for speed.
 public boolean isDirect() 
 public boolean isReadOnly() 
 public ByteOrder order() 
 public CharBuffer put(char value) 
    Relative put method. Writes value to the next position in the buffer.
 public CharBuffer put(int index,
    char value) 
    Absolute put method. Writes value to position index in the buffer.
 public CharBuffer put(char[] src,
    int offset,
    int length) 
    Bulk put, overloaded for speed.
 public CharBuffer slice() 
 public CharSequence subSequence(int start,
    int end)