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final class: CharSequenceAdapter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CharSequence, Comparable, Appendable, Readable

This class wraps a char sequence to be a char buffer.

Implementation notice:

Field Summary
final  CharSequence sequence     
Fields inherited from java.nio.Buffer:
 CharSequenceAdapter(CharSequence chseq) 
Method from java.nio.CharSequenceAdapter Summary:
asReadOnlyBuffer,   compact,   copy,   duplicate,   get,   get,   get,   isDirect,   isReadOnly,   order,   protectedArray,   protectedArrayOffset,   protectedHasArray,   put,   put,   put,   put,   slice,   subSequence
Methods from java.nio.CharBuffer:
allocate,   append,   append,   append,   array,   arrayOffset,   asReadOnlyBuffer,   charAt,   compact,   compareTo,   duplicate,   equals,   get,   get,   get,   get,   hasArray,   hashCode,   isDirect,   length,   order,   protectedArray,   protectedArrayOffset,   protectedHasArray,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   read,   slice,   subSequence,   toString,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap
Methods from java.nio.Buffer:
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Method from java.nio.CharSequenceAdapter Detail:
 public CharBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer() 
 public CharBuffer compact() 
 static CharSequenceAdapter copy(CharSequenceAdapter other) 
 public CharBuffer duplicate() 
 public char get() 
 public char get(int index) 
 public final CharBuffer get(char[] dest,
    int off,
    int len) 
 public boolean isDirect() 
 public boolean isReadOnly() 
 public ByteOrder order() 
 protected char[] protectedArray() 
 protected int protectedArrayOffset() 
 protected boolean protectedHasArray() 
 public CharBuffer put(char c) 
 public CharBuffer put(int index,
    char c) 
 public final CharBuffer put(char[] src,
    int off,
    int len) 
 public CharBuffer put(String src,
    int start,
    int end) 
 public CharBuffer slice() 
 public CharSequence subSequence(int start,
    int end)