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final class: CharToByteBufferAdapter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.apache.harmony.nio.internal.DirectBuffer, CharSequence, Comparable, Appendable, Readable

This class wraps a byte buffer to be a char buffer.

Implementation notice:

Fields inherited from java.nio.Buffer:
 CharToByteBufferAdapter(ByteBuffer byteBuffer) 
Method from java.nio.CharToByteBufferAdapter Summary:
addressValidityCheck,   asReadOnlyBuffer,   compact,   duplicate,   free,   get,   get,   getBaseAddress,   getByteCapacity,   getEffectiveAddress,   isAddressValid,   isDirect,   isReadOnly,   order,   protectedArray,   protectedArrayOffset,   protectedHasArray,   put,   put,   slice,   subSequence,   wrap
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Method from java.nio.CharToByteBufferAdapter Detail:
 public  void addressValidityCheck() 
 public CharBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer() 
 public CharBuffer compact() 
 public CharBuffer duplicate() 
 public  void free() 
 public char get() 
 public char get(int index) 
 public PlatformAddress getBaseAddress() 
 public int getByteCapacity() 
 public PlatformAddress getEffectiveAddress() 
 public boolean isAddressValid() 
 public boolean isDirect() 
 public boolean isReadOnly() 
 public ByteOrder order() 
 protected char[] protectedArray() 
 protected int protectedArrayOffset() 
 protected boolean protectedHasArray() 
 public CharBuffer put(char c) 
 public CharBuffer put(int index,
    char c) 
 public CharBuffer slice() 
 public CharSequence subSequence(int start,
    int end) 
 static CharBuffer wrap(ByteBuffer byteBuffer)