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final class: ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CharSequence, Comparable, Appendable, Readable

CharArrayBuffer, ReadWriteCharArrayBuffer and ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer compose the implementation of array based char buffers.

ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer extends CharArrayBuffer with all the write methods throwing read only exception.

This class is marked final for runtime performance.

Fields inherited from java.nio.CharArrayBuffer:
backingArray,  offset
Fields inherited from java.nio.Buffer:
 ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer(int capacity,
    char[] backingArray,
    int arrayOffset) 
Method from java.nio.ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer Summary:
asReadOnlyBuffer,   compact,   copy,   duplicate,   isReadOnly,   protectedArray,   protectedArrayOffset,   protectedHasArray,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   slice
Methods from java.nio.CharArrayBuffer:
get,   get,   get,   isDirect,   order,   subSequence,   toString
Methods from java.nio.CharBuffer:
allocate,   append,   append,   append,   array,   arrayOffset,   asReadOnlyBuffer,   charAt,   compact,   compareTo,   duplicate,   equals,   get,   get,   get,   get,   hasArray,   hashCode,   isDirect,   length,   order,   protectedArray,   protectedArrayOffset,   protectedHasArray,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   put,   read,   slice,   subSequence,   toString,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap,   wrap
Methods from java.nio.Buffer:
array,   arrayOffset,   capacity,   checkBounds,   checkIndex,   checkIndex,   clear,   discardMark,   flip,   hasArray,   hasRemaining,   isDirect,   isReadOnly,   limit,   limit,   mark,   markValue,   nextGetIndex,   nextGetIndex,   nextPutIndex,   nextPutIndex,   position,   position,   remaining,   reset,   rewind
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from java.nio.ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer Detail:
 public CharBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer() 
 public CharBuffer compact() 
 static ReadOnlyCharArrayBuffer copy(CharArrayBuffer other,
    int markOfOther) 
 public CharBuffer duplicate() 
 public boolean isReadOnly() 
 protected char[] protectedArray() 
 protected int protectedArrayOffset() 
 protected boolean protectedHasArray() 
 public CharBuffer put(char c) 
 public final CharBuffer put(CharBuffer src) 
 public CharBuffer put(int index,
    char c) 
 public final CharBuffer put(char[] src,
    int off,
    int len) 
 public CharBuffer put(String src,
    int start,
    int end) 
 public CharBuffer slice()