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Sub Packages:

java.nio.charset.spi   Service-provider classes for the java.nio.charset package.  

Abstract Classes:

Charset   A named mapping between sequences of sixteen-bit Unicode code units and sequences of bytes.  code | html
CharsetDecoder   A converter that can convert a byte sequence from a charset into a 16-bit Unicode character sequence.  code | html
CharsetEncoder   A converter that can converts a 16-bit Unicode character sequence to a byte sequence in some charset.  code | html
CoderResult.Cache     code | html


CharacterCodingException   A {@code CharacterCodingException} is thrown when an encoding or decoding error occurs.  code | html
CoderMalfunctionError   Error thrown when the decodeLoop method of a CharsetDecoder , or the encodeLoop method of a CharsetEncoder , throws an unexpected exception.  code | html
CoderResult   A description of the result state of a coder.  code | html
CodingErrorAction   A typesafe enumeration for coding-error actions.  code | html
IllegalCharsetNameException   An {@code IllegalCharsetNameException} is thrown when an illegal charset name is encountered.  code | html
MalformedInputException   Checked exception thrown when an input byte sequence is not legal for given charset, or an input character sequence is not a legal sixteen-bit Unicode sequence.  code | html
StandardCharsets   Constant definitions for the standard Charsets code | html
UnmappableCharacterException   Checked exception thrown when an input character (or byte) sequence is valid but cannot be mapped to an output byte (or character) sequence.  code | html
UnsupportedCharsetException   An {@code UnsupportedCharsetException} is thrown when an unsupported charset name is encountered.  code | html