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public class: ActivationID [javadoc | source]

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Activation makes use of special identifiers to denote remote objects that can be activated over time. An activation identifier (an instance of the class ActivationID) contains several pieces of information needed for activating an object:

An activation identifier for an object can be obtained by registering an object with the activation system. Registration is accomplished in a few ways:

 public ActivationID(Activator activator) 
    The constructor for ActivationID takes a single argument, activator, that specifies a remote reference to the activator responsible for activating the object associated with this identifier. An instance of ActivationID is globally unique.
    activator - reference to the activator responsible for activating the object
    since: 1.2 -
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activate,   equals,   hashCode
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Method from java.rmi.activation.ActivationID Detail:
 public Remote activate(boolean force) throws ActivationException, UnknownObjectException, RemoteException 
    Activate the object for this id.
 public boolean equals(Object obj) 
    Compares two activation ids for content equality. Returns true if both of the following conditions are true: 1) the unique identifiers equivalent (by content), and 2) the activator specified in each identifier refers to the same remote object.
 public int hashCode() 
    Returns a hashcode for the activation id. Two identifiers that refer to the same remote object will have the same hash code.