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public interface: ActivationInstantiator [javadoc | source]

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    ActivationGroup_Stub, ActivationGroup

An ActivationInstantiator is responsible for creating instances of "activatable" objects. A concrete subclass of ActivationGroup implements the newInstance method to handle creating objects within the group.
Method from java.rmi.activation.ActivationInstantiator Summary:
Method from java.rmi.activation.ActivationInstantiator Detail:
 public MarshalledObject<Remote> newInstance(ActivationID id,
    ActivationDesc desc) throws ActivationException, RemoteException
    The activator calls an instantiator's newInstance method in order to recreate in that group an object with the activation identifier, id, and descriptor, desc. The instantiator is responsible for:
    • determining the class for the object using the descriptor's getClassName method,
    • loading the class from the code location obtained from the descriptor (using the getLocation method),
    • creating an instance of the class by invoking the special "activation" constructor of the object's class that takes two arguments: the object's ActivationID, and the MarshalledObject containing object specific initialization data, and
    • returning a MarshalledObject containing the stub for the remote object it created