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public enum class: CryptoPrimitive [javadoc | source]
An enumeration of cryptographic primitives.
Field Summary
public  CryptoPrimitive MESSAGE_DIGEST    Hash function 
public  CryptoPrimitive SECURE_RANDOM    Cryptographic random number generator 
public  CryptoPrimitive BLOCK_CIPHER    Symmetric primitive: block cipher 
public  CryptoPrimitive STREAM_CIPHER    Symmetric primitive: stream cipher 
public  CryptoPrimitive MAC    Symmetric primitive: message authentication code 
public  CryptoPrimitive KEY_WRAP    Symmetric primitive: key wrap 
public  CryptoPrimitive PUBLIC_KEY_ENCRYPTION    Asymmetric primitive: public key encryption 
public  CryptoPrimitive SIGNATURE    Asymmetric primitive: signature scheme 
public  CryptoPrimitive KEY_ENCAPSULATION    Asymmetric primitive: key encapsulation mechanism 
public  CryptoPrimitive KEY_AGREEMENT    Asymmetric primitive: key agreement and key distribution