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abstract public class: KeyFactorySpi [javadoc | source]
This class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the KeyFactory class. All the abstract methods in this class must be implemented by each cryptographic service provider who wishes to supply the implementation of a key factory for a particular algorithm.

Key factories are used to convert keys (opaque cryptographic keys of type Key) into key specifications (transparent representations of the underlying key material), and vice versa.

Key factories are bi-directional. That is, they allow you to build an opaque key object from a given key specification (key material), or to retrieve the underlying key material of a key object in a suitable format.

Multiple compatible key specifications may exist for the same key. For example, a DSA public key may be specified using DSAPublicKeySpec or X509EncodedKeySpec. A key factory can be used to translate between compatible key specifications.

A provider should document all the key specifications supported by its key factory.

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engineGeneratePrivate,   engineGeneratePublic,   engineGetKeySpec,   engineTranslateKey
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Method from Detail:
 abstract protected PrivateKey engineGeneratePrivate(KeySpec keySpec) throws InvalidKeySpecException
    Generates a private key object from the provided key specification (key material).
 abstract protected PublicKey engineGeneratePublic(KeySpec keySpec) throws InvalidKeySpecException
    Generates a public key object from the provided key specification (key material).
 abstract protected T engineGetKeySpec(Key key,
    Class<T> keySpec) throws InvalidKeySpecException
    Returns a specification (key material) of the given key object. keySpec identifies the specification class in which the key material should be returned. It could, for example, be DSAPublicKeySpec.class, to indicate that the key material should be returned in an instance of the DSAPublicKeySpec class.
 abstract protected Key engineTranslateKey(Key key) throws InvalidKeyException
    Translates a key object, whose provider may be unknown or potentially untrusted, into a corresponding key object of this key factory.