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static class: Policy.PolicyDelegate [javadoc | source]
This subclass is returned by the getInstance calls. All Policy calls are delegated to the underlying PolicySpi.
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Method from$PolicyDelegate Summary:
getParameters,   getPermissions,   getPermissions,   getProvider,   getType,   implies,   refresh
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getInstance,   getInstance,   getInstance,   getParameters,   getPermissions,   getPermissions,   getPolicy,   getPolicyNoCheck,   getProvider,   getType,   implies,   isSet,   refresh,   setPolicy
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Method from$PolicyDelegate Detail:
 public Parameters getParameters() 
 public PermissionCollection getPermissions(CodeSource codesource) 
 public PermissionCollection getPermissions(ProtectionDomain domain) 
 public Provider getProvider() 
 public String getType() 
 public boolean implies(ProtectionDomain domain,
    Permission perm) 
 public  void refresh()